Basic Components Essential Kicks & Snares 2

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Diggers of The Lost Art Presents

  • Title: Basic Components - Essential Kicks And Snares 2
  • Designed by: Alpha Centori
  • Category: Drum Kits

We get a lot of good feedback about our drums sounds. We have a special formula that took years to develop. We are proud to put this formula at work once again. This time it's a giant breathtaking 125 Snares and 120 Kicks. All carefully designed and hand picked one by one by Alpha Centori. While other popular sound designers like to create wacky and goofy sound combinations, we go directly to the point. No whistles, no mumbling mojo, no farts, no skinny baby kits. Straight butter, meat and potatoes with hot gravy like it should be!

  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • 125 Snares
  • 120 Kicks