Barbaric Drums 4

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Brand: Amen
Barbaric Drums 4 Drum Kit by Amen from Hellzwind Production
Amen brought you thru the barbarian breaks era!! Now he is returning with barbaric drums vol 4. Strictly one shots of brolic bangin kicks, savage snares and hellrazor hats. Also contains extra ingredients like percussions, accents, chimes, sfx, shakers and more. Created from scratch in the hellzwind laboratory!! Bringing those heavy boombap oneshots to ya sampler of choice. Melodic one shots like bass, piano, stabs are used for demo purposes only and are not included in Barbaric Drums 4. You can find those melodic one-shots in the Raw Elements one-shots bundle. WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits. This kit contains 30 kicks, 35 snares, 30 hi-hats and 21 extras.