Empire Of The Resurrected

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Alpha Centori Presents Empire Of The Resurrected Drum Kit and Samples

In the depth of our sound design lab, we often find hidden treasures. And this pack is no exception. From the early days of Boom Bap Labs. We call it the first generation of our sound design process. It has a very unique rawness and sonic signature. Beefy kicks and filthy snares but at the same time with attention to details such as vinyl dirt and intricate drum kit noises. That kit never came out due to time constraints, and then it was forgotten. But we recently did a cleaning of our old crates, and now we can offer you this authentic and original drum kit. We guarantee there is nothing else on the sound library market. Listen to the demo and see for yourself. All drums are designed and custom made by Alpha Centori. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz sample rate and 16 bits resolution.