Unsealed Crates Bundle

Brand: Gemologist
Gemologist presents Unsealed Crates Bundle sample packs
This bundle is non-royalty free. Finally our adventurers have found the holy grail treasure before those evil forces do. Now they will bring it back to the king's castle were it will rest protected forever and will be of great use for the musician and artisan.  With this closing of a chapter starts a new journey. Grab this holy grail yourself and be the master of your own kingdom. Hundreds of jewels and gems await for you to flip and chop. This bundle is hours after hours of hard work digging always deeper so you get only the most rare and obscure material. All samples are in WAV, 44.1 Khz, 16 bits format. Contains more than 200+ samples all curates by Gemologist representing Unsealed Crates volume 1 to 20. Enjoy!