Morphing Kits & Symbols

Boom Bap Labs is proud to present a new system called Morphing Kits. In the most simplistic words possible, a Morphing Kit is a kit that evolves in time. Just like a software for example. A software starts at version 1, each Morphing Kits begin at Bank 01.

New sounds will be regularly added to the Morphing Kits. That’s when a new Bank is created. Some kits will eventually have multiple Banks. Each Banks having different sounds or samples. When buying a kit, you will have a pop up menu with each Banks available for a given kit. Simply choose the Bank or Banks you want and click add to cart. This will give a unique flavor to each kits and will also give us the flexibility to upgrade a kit if it has leaked on pirate websites making us always a step ahead of the latest leaks.

Each time a new Bank is created more sounds will be added. Eventually this will become a way to even customize your own kits. People who bought the same sample pack might not own the exact same banks. This is an attempt to prevent everybody having the exact same sounds or samples.