User Agreement

Boom Bap Labs


1) All the "non-royalty free" samples you hear are property of their prospective owners and licensors.
Boom Bap Labs DOES NOT SELL AND HAS NOT SOLD ANY COPYRIGHTED/PUBLISHED WORK, and IS NOT responsible for Permission of use, or licenses permitting the use of any samples presented to the end-user by such.

2) Boom Bap Labs only provide EXAMPLES of Sampled works, as incentive to purchase gathered information and materials, providing the end-user with the applicable information for clearance/use.

3) Boom Bap Labs is then also NOT obligated or entitle to receive recognition, penalty, and/or, compensation should the end-user seek license or clearance of use of any and all of these EXAMPLES of Sampled works.

4) All EXAMPLES of Sampled works provided are aproximately between 10 seconds to 30 seconds long. The sample packs will never include complete songs or albums. Original artist and song name can be provided on request.

5) Boom Bap Labs provides a Crate Digging service. Only the cost of labor and time invested in the research for those EXAMPLES of Sampled works is charged.

6) Boom Bap Labs specializes only in providing obscure, hard to find, rare exaples of Sampled works. Diggers of The Lost Art will never sell Billboard top chart hit songs, top 100 Billboard hit songs or any Radio popular music.

7) You are only allowed to use those EXAMPLES of Sampled works for personal purpose and personal project. Any commercial use without permission by the authors is prohibited. It is strongly recommended to clear any EXAMPLES of Sampled works if you plan on releasing a commercial song or album.