Beat Tape Submission



The idea is quite simple. You send us your beat tape with the artwork and the price you want to sell it. We focus strictly on Boom Bap and Lofi Hip Hop. We then list it in the Music Store section for sale. When there's a sale, we keep 5% commission you get 95%.

You get paid once a month on the 1st of each months by Paypal. We give you access to the sales report dashboard so you can monitor your sales. If you want to stop selling your tape, just send us a quick message and we remove it from our store with no problem.

It's still very new and a young idea. We see it more like a long term project. We think you got nothing to loose to try it. Sales are still very slow but we believe if we keep adding new artists and beat tapes and with enough promotion and marketing we could push it so sales start to pick up! We believe being transparent is the best way.


We need:

All files to be in WAV, 16 Bits/44.1Khz (no MP3).

Artwork of 500 x 500 only.

A short description of your album and yourself (4 or 5 lines of text).

A short preview of your album in WAV file (2 minutes max) in WAV.

The artist name, album name and song titles and the track order.

The producer name.


If your interested to try it please send your beat tape(s) with at

Don't hesitate for any questions, message me anytime i usually respond very fast. Let me know what you think!




Boom Bap Labs