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Alpha Centori Presents Titan Legacy Ultra Limited Bronze Edition Sample Pack

All samples in this pack are not royalty-free. From the depth of the Dark Abyss to the peak of Mount Cezwell echos a clash so loud that it awoke the Titans from their sleep. It was the call from the Gods of Justice. Once a peaceful place, planet Zar has fallen to the grips of evil. Corruption rules and the Jalbens are no longer functional. Violence and chaos dominate, kids became murderers, priests turned into vampires, and mothers can no longer give birth. On that dark 64th day of Orolu, the Titans were given the final order to eradicate the dark forces of Baphomet and his leader Satan. The war has begun, and this pack is the only sonic influx that can inspire and galvanize the Behemoths in their battle to bring back peace and freedom to Zar. Only 10 of these packs exist, and once they're consumed, they're gone. Get your copy exclusively at Boom Bap Labs. It contains 50 samples carefully picked by the monk Alpha Centori. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. Good luck!