Bass Rig 1 Silky Tones

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Boom Bap Labs Presents
  • Title: Bass Rig 1 Silky Tones
  • Designed by: Solution Beatz
  • Category: Sample Pack
A beat without a bass is incomplete. And especially boom bap beats, the bass is the center instrument. Bass gives fatness but also rhythm. This pack contains 20 four bar bass loops tagged with bpm and key. And also includes 20 bass notes so you can play your own basslines. Great attention to details like articulation, bass pickup and string vibration have been kept. You have fretless as well as acoustic and sub bass. Grab this pack and compose your own basslines or build on top of the included loops.

  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • Contains 20 bass notes and 20 four bar bass loops with bpm and key pitch.
  • All content royalty-free and composed by Solution Beatz.