Holy Grail Chronicles 4

Alpha Centori Presents Holy Grail Chronicles 4 Epic Sample Pack

This pack is not royalty free. The pack contains 80 samples and 80 melodic chops and work parts for a total of 160 WAV files. In this fourth volume of this epic series, Alpha Centori delivers not only massive heat but brings it in several styles. From abstract to mellow and grimy to shocking those samples will make your imagination fly far away. If you're into the raw, nostalgic, obscure, eerie and soulful samples that tell a story then this pack is for you. A lot of forefront samples as well as background tools to help you layer them and create rich choruses or great variations in a verse or bridge. This is a highly recommended pack by the BBL staff! All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz and 16 bits resolution. All curated by Alpha Centori.