Kannibal Drums 1 by Alpha Centori

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Alpha Centori Presents Kannibal Drums 1 Drum Kit

The drum kannibals are back and this time they really chopped it up into little pieces. These drums are ready to be served hot or cold, raw or cooked. This pack contains all the breaks from Kannibal Breaks volume 1 and Alpha Centori did the dirty job for you. All breaks have been chopped and are ready to be used to create your own drum patterns or drum layering. The pack contains 38 breaks all in 2 to 4 various audio processing each for a total of 93 different versions. Also there is a folder by sound categories for better browsing. It contains 231 kicks, 127 snares, 98 hi hats, 13 snare rolls, 28 ghost kicks and 10 ghost snares. All sounds are in universal wav format at 44.1 kHz and 16 bits resolution. All curates and chopped by Alpha Centori.