Lofi Amalgam 2

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Brand: The Attic
The Attic Presents Lofi Amalgam 2 Sample Pack
This is a royalty free pack. In this second installement of Lofi Amalgam, The Attic goes deeper with the exploration of abstract sensorial chords and eclectic sound textures. The result is a incredible palette of harmonies and melodies that evoke feelings of peace, admiration, fascination and above all original inspiration. If your looking to spark the next idea for a project or simply infuse fresh creativity in your ongoing work, this pack is without a doubt an absolute must. All samples are authentic and composed by The Attic. You get 3 versions of each compositions; one is the sample only, another is the drums solo and a third version is the full mix of drums on top of the samples for maximum flexibility. All files are WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits. Contains 10 short composition in full mix, drums only and samples only for a total of 30 files.