Lofi Psionix 2

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Lofi Psionix Drum Kit by Alpha Centori
Alpha Centori is proud to present the follow up to his best lofi series yet. All designed with utmost attention to details and quality. You get more then 200 sounds from kicks to snares, hi hats, open hats, textures and more. All sounds are made from scratch using the secret BBL in your face drum technique. This pack is mostly lofi oriented but there's also great boom bap elements. You definitly want to get your hands on this kit. It's a must for your drum arsenal. WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits. Contains 40 kicks, 50 snares, 25 hi hats, 13 open hats, 15 percussions, 20 sound effects, 10 textures, 8 loops, 30 extras.