Mission 1 Vinyl Salvage by Johnny Slash

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Choplxfters Presents - Mission 1 Vinyl Salvage Sample Pack

Ladies and Gentlemen the extraordinaire incredible producer Johnny Slash and his team lands with the CHOPLXFTERS presenting their first pack; Mission 1 Vinyl Salvage. Includes 50 carefully hand picked samples covering world music, library music, soundtracks, latin and extra secret samples. Plus you get a personal Johnny Slash custom mini drum kit and a full 808 kit including, hi hats, kicks, snares, bongos, claps and all the classic sounds. Also included is Amen From Hellzwind Barbarian Drums Volume 5. The Choplxfters consist of veteran world renowned producer Johnny Slash and master legendary crate digger Original Copy both from Los Angeles. The years of research and time dedicated to their craft is unmatched. When joining forces with Boom Bap Labs, it is without any doubt a dream come true for producers looking for real boom bap hip hop sample packs.