Return of The Kong Drums


Diggers of The Lost Art Presents

  • Title: Return Of The Kong Drums
  • Designed by: Alpha Centori
  • Category: Drum Kits

It's the RETURN!! of this huge classic series. Revenge of The Kong Drums has become a legendary drum kit for the Boom Bap producers and with this new opus it's ready to become mythical. Drums that kick the brick walls down leaving no survivor on it's path! It's the return of a giant! And this time we've included the lo-fi and the original version of each drum sounds so you get that gritty, grimy, filthy, absolutely raw boom in your speakers. Quick load this one up and show everybody your new skills. They'll ask for more without a doubt!

  • WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits
  • 12 Breakbeats
  • 11 Drum Rolls
  • 10 Hi Hats
  • 40 Kicks (20 lo-fi and 20 originals)
  • 40 Snares (20 lo-fi and 20 originals)
  • 20 Samples