Strictly Asian Breaks 12

Undisputed Crates Presents Strictly Asian Breaks 12 Breakbeat pack

Just when you thought Undisputed Crates would be getting to the bottom of their drum stash, they unearth 20 newly discovered neck nodding breaks. The diverse selection of drum breaks in this pack range from in-the-pocket spine snappers to King Kong Bundy crackers that rush the beat. There are even a few dance floor burners that would make Jimmy Takeuchi roll over in his grave. Strictly Asian Breaks 12 pays tribute to some of the rarest and most difficult to find Asian records in existence. Each break is lifted directly from records sourced in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, and Thailand. All drums were recorded according to high standards and are 100% exclusive to this pack. Furthermore, we keep each break crisp, clean, raw and unprocessed. If you’re feeling this joint, please check out the Strictly Asian Breaks back catalogue and the specially priced bundles available. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. Each volume of the Strictly Asian Breaks series is curated by Undisputed Crates and exclusively sold through the fine folks at Boom Bap Labs.