Strictly Asian Breaks Bundle 2

Undisputed Crates Presents Strictly Asian Breaks Bundle 2 Pack

Strictly Asian Breaks Bundle 2 contains 100 drum breaks that come from some of the rarest and most obscure Asian records. Even the hardest of the hardcore beat heads won’t know where you got this arsenal of neck breakers. This bundle contains every single drum break from Strictly Asian Breaks volumes 6 through 10. You’ll be receiving gems mined from the dustiest Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese crates. Each drum break is expertly recorded directly from the original record and 100% exclusive to this bundle. Absolutely no wack reissues or dookie bootlegs were used. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. Each volume of the Drum Language series is curated by Undisputed Crates and exclusively sold through the fine folks at Boom Bap Labs.