The Vintage Crates Collection 9

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Organic Beats Presents The Vintage Crates Collection Vol 9 Sample Pack

This sample pack is not royalty-free. The Vintage Crates Collection Vol 9 is a Sample Pack from Organic Beats that includes a 24 samples library of haunting soul-piercing melodies for the obsessive underground boom-bap New York sounds. With this project, Organic Beats sets out to deliver something that had never been done before, prepared to take a chance and offer something that would challenge both artists and listeners musically. Organic Beats will transport you to the known past and the unexplored nostalgic future with this library, all from the comfort of your DAW. Allow your mind to relax and your conscience to step outside the box, into your flow state. All files are in universal WAV format, with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and a 16-bit resolution. Organic Beats handpicks all of the samples.