Villainy Breaks 2

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Alpha Centori Presents Villainy Breaks 2 Breakbeats

All breakbeats in this pack are not royalty-free. Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seatbelt, you're about to propel way back, back into time with this outstanding breakbeats pack. 40 raw open drums all ready to chop or loop. Lots of different textures in this one. Dry breaks, some wet with room, hall, plate reverbs and that 60's and 70's original tape saturation. Also, these are super obscure and hard to find. Not your regular run of the mill breaks. Without any doubt, it's a must addition to any serious old school producer or collector's arsenal. All breaks are dug and curated by Alpha Centori. Universal WAV stereo format at 44.1Khz, 16 bits resolution.