About Us

From the underground for the underground, Boom Bap Labs is a sound design team that focuses on delivering the lost dirty, rusty, raw sounding drums and breaks from the early days of hip hop.

Nowadays, most drum sound design companies re-creates popular breaks so you don't have to worry about copyrights issues. Using all types of vintage equipment trying to persuade you that it has the Amen Break or The Funky Drummer feel. The problem is, it's obviously not the original and it's not as good. It's like those cheap knock offs of Jordan's or Nike's that you can buy at low-end variety stores.

We came to a conclusion that we had to fill the gap and go back to the real source. With Boom Bap Labs we intend to maintain the initial 90's standards and hope to support producers and crate diggers in their hunt for those rare and hard to find sounds.